Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse HD

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse สไปเดอร์แมน ผงาดสู่จักรวาลแมงมุม

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse New York City teenager Miles Morales struggle to meet the standards set by his father, Jefferson Davis who believes that Spider-Man as a threat. Miles is in prep school and visits his uncle Aaron Davis. He travels with Miles to an abandoned subway station, where the teenager paints graffiti. Miles is attacked by a radioactive spider, and develops spider-like powers similar to Spider-Man.

Miles returns to the station to discover the existence of a collider designed by Wilson Fisk. He hopes to connect to other universes in order to retrieve his wife as well as his son who died, which he attributes to Spider-Man. Miles is watching as Spider-Man attempts to disable the collider, as he fights Wilson’s enemies, including Green Goblin et as. Spider-Man helps Miles but Green Goblin pushes Spider-Man into a collider, causing a massive explosion that severely hurts Spider-Man. Spider-Man gives Miles a Flash drive to disable the collider. He warns that the machine can cause destruction of the city should it be reactivated. Miles follows Prowler and flees in terror at the death of Wilson.

Miles is determined to portray the role of the new Spider-Man as the city mourns the passing of Spider-Man. In the process of testing his new abilities, he causes damage to the drive. On the grave of Spider-Man, Miles meets Peter B. Parker, an older and damaged version of Spider-Man from a different dimension. Miles meets Peter B. Parker, who is able to emit bio-electric blasts, also known as “venom-blasts”. Peter reluctantly agrees that Miles will be taught in exchange for data he needs to make the new drive. The two invade Wilson’s research lab and Miles discovers that he can disappear. The group is confronted by the mad scientist Olivia Octavius, who finds out that Peter is dying from cellular decay if he remains within their dimensions.

Miles and Peter get chased by Octavius through the laboratory and the forest. Gwen Stacy is on hand to help them. They visit Peter’s aunt May Parker, who is sheltering more Spider-people from other dimensions – Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker and Spider-Ham – who are deteriorating. Miles proposes that the collider be disabled so that the other Spider-people are able to return home. After interviewing Miles and testing the man, they inform him that he lacks experience. Miles is devastated and runs to Aaron’s residence and discovers that Aaron is the prowler. Miles returns to May’s house in which Peni has finished his latest drive. Then, he is pursued by Wilson and Prowler. Aaron is captured by Miles during the brawl that ensues. Miles then reveals his identity. Not wanting to kill his own nephew, Aaron spares Miles, but is fatally shot by Wilson. Miles runs away with Aaron and is told to continue his journey until he dies. Jefferson arrives, and Miles flees. Jefferson mistakenly believes that Spider-Man is Aaron’s killer.

The group of heroes gathers with an angry Miles in his dorm room. Peter is holding Miles hostage in order to protect him, and then he goes off with the other heroes. He decides to leave the group and sacrifice himself to deactivate the collider. Jefferson appears outside Miles’s door and, assuming that Miles doesn’t want to talk to him, he apologizes and encourages Miles. Miles can then master his powers, escape his shackles, and designs his own Spider-Man suit with May’s help. Then, he joins with the heroes and defeats Wilson’s enforcers. Jefferson is aware of Wilson combating Miles and realizes that Miles is his best friend. Jefferson offers to help Miles. He subdues Wilson by using his venom-blast and then throws him over the kill switch. The collider is destroyed.

Wilson Fisk and his henchmen are arrested for their crime. Jefferson recognises the new Spider-Man and is given evidence of Wilson’s murders. Miles embraces the responsibilities of his new life, while the heroes return to their lives in their own dimensions. Then, Gwen finds a way to connect with Miles from her own dimension.